When Dogs Attack

I am a proud  owner of a miniature pinscher named Dot. Unfortunately min pins can have a very aggresive attitude towards other dogs, especially dogs that are three times their size. So as a consequence she had been attacked a couple of times by dogs three times her size. Once was by a dalmation. We had left Dot with a friend while we went on vacation, at the same time our friend was watching a dalmation. Dot had been her natural confident self and taughnted the dalmation. Once the dalmation finally had enough of this puny dog he picked her up and shook her like a chew toy. Dot had a giant bite mark on her back but she was okay. The next time wasn’t actually her fault. We were taking her out for a walk when our neighbor from across the street’s dog darted out from under the front porch and again picked up Dot and shook her like a chew toy. Dot was again okay but did need some pretty major stitches and was put in the cone of shame. Maybe one day she will learn her lesson and not mess with bigger dogs but for now we make sure she keeps her distance.