Top 10 Fictional Bunnies

Bunnies are one of the cutest creatures on Earth and one of the funniest. These are the top 10 fictional bunnies.


10) PJ Funnybunny, Pj is a funny bunny.


9)Mr.Bun, the mindless stuffed animal in Calvin and Hobbes.

bunnies open season

8) The Open Season bunnies, whether they are being shot like a slingshot or prepared to fight with forks and knives they are a tribe of hilariousness.

Alice-White-Rabbit_lalice in wonderland rabbit

7) White bunny, we can always count on this little bunny being on time.


6) Rabbit, he may have a lot of anxiety attacks but he is always a great friend to Pooh.


5) Thumper, I’m sure we all wish we had a friend like Thumper or maybe even just give him a hug.

rogger rabbit

4)Roger Rabbit, this nervous little fella is probably the funniest bunny.


3) Boundin’ Jackelope, I know this one isn’t technically a bunny but he has long ears, buck teeth, can jump, is fluffy, and somehow won us all over in five minutes.


2)Boingo, he may look cute and cuddly at first but upon further examination you would find a conniving, evil villain.


1) Buggs Buny, no real need to explain why this bunny is on top. He  can do just about everything and make us all laugh while doing it too.


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