The Funniest Cats

Cats can be smarter than your other pets but they can also do some pretty funny stuff. This is a compilation of that funny stuff so we can appreciate just how funny they are.

This cat is too classy to eat without utensils.

This one isn’t as much funny as it is adorable, but we can still just look at the cats face and see that he is thinking, “Get off me, get off me, get off me, get off me, okay that’s enough.”

Not only is this cat afraid of water but also of what is coming out of it.

I wouldn’t mind a massage from this adorable kitten.

Nothing beats putting music to a cat jumping off a building.

Cat vs. Box

The mountainous struggle, the climb up a leg.

For me this one takes the cake (or more like it takes the sundae.) A cat dressed as a banana split eating a banana!

Soooo adorable!!! He’s just so fluffy and little!

The confusing concept of a treadmill.

Let’s all just appreciate the editing on this to make it way more dramatic than it needs to be.


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