Posh Kitty Warm Kitty

Cats are the royalty of the pet world, with these kitty outfits they really show it.


With this glamorous coat made of fur it shows how dominant the cat is of the animal world.


The queen and her two princesses, this is a look I think even Queen Elizabeth II would be proud of.


Let’s all just take a second and appreciate this picture. With the trench coat, popped collar. one ear tilted, and smirk on his face this is definitely a sly cat… and very cute.


The studious librarian, this shows how smart cats really are. They obviously have to read books, how else would they get so smart?


Sherlock Holmes kitty,no need to fear if your catnip gets stolen, with this brown plaid coat any cat well have the confidence to solve the toughest crimes.

The Best Clothing For Your Cat, pets, cats, pet, cat

The old timey posh look, with the plaid hat and tie duo this cat could go anywhere making heads turn, especially those lady cats.The cross-stitched cloak paired with the quaint little hat is a brave duo that would pay off with any cat.


Simple yet elegant, this grey sweater is adorable on any fluffy cat and great for the winter time when they need something a little extra when they go outside.


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