Your dog may not be able to do all the things Krypto the superdog can, but they can still look stylish while chasing squirrels. Here are some cute super hero tees and handkerchief your dog will look super in. All the squirrels will be running when they see your pup wearing these.

spider manP1011710

With this Spider Man tee your pup will be walking up walls in no time and look fashionable doing it too!


Ahhh I can hear the Avengers theme song now. With this Avengers tee your pup will have the power of six pups fighting those squirrels!


This Batman dress is great for the classier events. This dress is also great for those lady pups so they can look super and stay feminine.


I’ve saved the best for last with my personal favorite super hero Captain America! This Captain America handkerchief is great for when your pup doesn’t want to held down by a t-shirt. That squirrel won’t slip away from this fashionable pup!


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